Nitschke believes demand for assisted suicide is only going to rise. To help ease the pain of the elderly, his idea is to give them easy access to suicide drugs. Under the Civil Rights Act, an employer must make reasonable accommodations for an employee religious practices, unless the employer can show that doing so would cause hardship on the conduct of its business. A letter commenting on the proposed rule, Ishimaru and Griffin, from the employment commission, said that 40 years of court decisions had carefully balanced rights to religious freedom and employers business needs.Here’s where I went in Cuernavaca. I loved it and learned more in my four weeks there than in three years in high school classes. All of you realize that the challenges and pressures on higher education and business schools are real, and the pace of change is accelerating. We have been and will continue to respond to this environment through innovation in our programs and an aggressive approach when confronting the tough problems mentioned above.