It’s been too long since I built a robot. Since apparently it’s against our policies to have an office-kitten I need a desk-robot. What would your ideal office robot do? Glow red/green/yellow based on inbox counts? Show fundraising goals? I need a project!

Maniac Weekend Timelapse

This is the timelapse of my screen from Maniac Weekend with Aaron Parecki and Bethany Soule (of Beeminder) , which contained 45.5 hours of work for me from 5PM Friday 10/3 until 7AM Monday 10/6.

Like this post, for science

PLEASE LIKE this post if you see it at all. This is actually a scientific test (I’m trying to figure out if pushing posts to facebook from my website is making facebook hide them.)


This page contains way more numerical data about my life than you probably care about. The datasets for Mood, Caffeine, Alcohol, Miles Biked, and Coffee are updated ad-hoc. The datasets for Beeminder are updated daily, or more often. These are not that pretty. If you’d like to see the data parsed, examined, and presented in…

Wandernarbeitsfrühstück: Adulting with Brunch

Wandernarbeitsfrühstück: Adulting with Brunch 2nd November, 2014 11AM to 15:00 at Ask for location (in Kerns, Portland) The days are getting shorter, wool is being pulled off top shelves, and the season of hiding out in a cave of blankets with House of Cards marathons is approaching. Fight the winter blues & isolation while still getting…

The Indie Web is the new Zines

Fair warning: This post is heavily influenced by my identity & community as a queer white female. I think it’s valuable but look forward to other’s input. As a zinester and zine librarian, I see the Indie Web as a pretty direct correlation to 1980’s and 1990’s zine culture. The method of production may be…