[84/100] the worst day was 9/3/2014 when I drank 8 cups of caffeine. It was a long day. #100dayproject #100daysofqs #coffee #caffeine #quantifiedself #qs

[80/100] caffeine is almost never the panacea I think it is. Except that one time in 2006. #100daysofqs #100dayproject #coffee #caffeine #graph #infographic #coffeetime☕

Winking in a Cafe [63/365]

[09/07/2016] Working on slide decks, working on side business, working on podcasting studio, Bar Method class, reading books. Generally, I’m just trying to get back to a productive place. This is a workfrom.co meetup at Americano (everyone just works from a cafe together) and after that I grabbed the CSA and went to Homebrew Website…

My plan for today

I had a long week at work, so my plan for today (after I got off morning bagel delivery job at 7:30AM) mostly consisted of 1) coffee 2) bathtub 3) Hyperbole and a Half from Flickr http://flic.kr/p/q1aVLH