Big News

I am excited to announce I’ve accepted a position as the Digital Director at the Democratic Party of Oregon.

Leaving the Community Cycling Center, an organization whose mission, work, and staff are so dear to me was an extremely hard decision. But I know that the amazing team the Community Cycling Center will keep doing their exciting and innovative social justice work. I look forward to being a donor and volunteer- and of course, vying to be a Transportation Trivia champion again. I’ll miss drawing bicycles and leaving hand written notes on all the donor thank you’s, and I’m happy to have one last Bikes for Kids as staff this weekend. I’ve been so lucky to work in service to the mission of broadening access to bicycles for the past 2 years.

My last day at the CCC is next Friday. I expect to have no life this crazy election year (in fact, the day of Bowie Vs Prince might be one of the few weekend days I get off until December), so I’d love to see you at my house for a Balcony Happy Hour Friday, May 27th from 5:30PM onwards. I can tell you all about my new job and relive the great times I’ve had working at the CCC.


36 thoughts on “Big News

  1. Well good for you! Could be an all-consuming job, but I have a feeling that it could be fewer hours than the total of what you’re doing now. So relax and enjoy it! Although ‘Digital Director’ does suggest some rude finger gestures. Possibly appropriate for American politics in any event.

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