Hang me out, I’m #peaklily [22/365]

So our city transportation department does different characters in the bike lanes. A few weeks ago, the Portland Bureau of Transportation director called me (I sit on a committee she staffs) and asked if I had any suggestions for where to put a Prince bike lane symbol, as the leader of the Bowie Vs Prince ride. Over the course of the conversation, I asked if they could do a Bowie bike lane symbol too. And now, both of the symbols have been laid down. This one is just 2 blocks from my office. I tried to take a #peaklily picture with it: me dressed up with victory rolls and a red-white-blue outfit for the Hillary watch party, the political sign, and a prince bike lane symbol. I’m also standing next to a bioswale (or a "rain garden" – hence the purple rain placement of the bike lane symbol.

Anyway, all I did today was convention press calls and emails and staff the watch party at Century. Long day.

Mood: 5.5/6
Sleep: 8h,03m (10:21PM to 6:32AM)
Miles Biked: 2.10
Miles Run: 0
Drinks of Alcohol: 3
Drinks of Caffeine: 3

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