Mid-Year Goal Checkup

Every year, I write up my goals for the year, and then evaluate how I did at the end of the year.  In 2018 I kept it relatively simple with just five goals in each area, and a list of habits I’d like to continue/cultivate. I thought I’d do a check-in on how I’m doing on my goals for the year now that we’re halfway through. The goals that I’m a bit behind on are in orange, the goals I’m on track to meet or have already met are in green, and the goals I’ve either given up on or am not sure I’ll reach are in red.


  1. Save ≥ $10,000
    I am 40% of the way to this goal at 50% through the year, with a optimistic confidence I will make it by the end of the year (variable income is hard!)
  2. Make money from the Oh My Dollar! podcast 
    I have in fact made a small amount of money – and am working on booking underwriters for July – December shows, and launching a patreon next month.
  3. Reduce amount of money spent on clothing from 2017 totals
    I am currently on track at $288.08 year to date, or $41/month, compared to $122/month in 2017.
  4. Track treats & coffee separately in grocery budget- 
    I have been doing this every month on my monthly expense reports. (It turns out I get a lot of treats when I’m stressed.)
  5. Publish public Monthly Expense Reports – 
    I am at 6/6 for monthly expense reports.


  1. Get radio syndication up to 10 cities 
    Things are not looking good for our hero, I have spent no time at all on new outreach and sales for the show. However this may still happen if I make the time.
  2. Release & sell out 1st Print Run of Get Your Money Together Workbook (1000 copies)
    The book is out, and more than 65% sold out and shipped of the first print run. I have only had the last batch of copies for a week, so I feel on track to do this by end of year.
  3. 35 speaking gigs
    This was ambitious, and frankly, I underestimated how much time releasing a book would take away from speaking sales. I am at 13/35 for the year at halfway through the year, with only 6 speaking gigs booked for the rest of the year.
  4. Teach personal finance to 200 low-income folks through Pay It Fur-ward nonprofit partnerships
    Have successfully completed this thanks to my non-profit partners at SMYRC, Life After Americorps, and College Possible.
  5. Launch Get Your Money Together Bootcamp local hosts program & guide
    No progress on this front at all, was focused on book. I am hoping to debut it before school begins!


  1. Secret Dance-Related Project (to be revealed this summer)
    I ended up not having the time or income for this project so it is likely not going to happen this year.
  2. Get my splits back (oh so close!)
    I am about 2″ from the ground right now (yay!) but have been stalled out for months with no progress.
  3. Release A Statistically Significant Decade: A Data Memoir of my Twenties zine
    This is on track to come out this month.
  4. 150 hours of social (non-work) time this year
    I think this was a bit too low as a goal because I feel I haven’t been socializing enough but I am at 128.5 hours for the year right now – tracked on Beeminder.
  5. Three bike camping trips this summer
    Only have one planned thus far this year, doing a bad job.

In addition to those concrete goals, I also want to cultivate and continue some habits this year. Here they are:

  • Weekly meal planning (cont’d)
  • Stretching daily (cont’d)
  • Daily German practice (cont’d)
  • Flossing daily (cont’d)
  • Working out 5 times per week (cont’d)  – averaging about 4x week this year, but also biking further so it’s a wash.
  • Sleeping at least 7.5 hours per night (cont’d)
  • Reducing caffeine consumption to less than 3 cups daily – FAILING
  • Daily journaling  – doing daily journaling, but not always on paper


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