At the moment, Lillian is accepting speaking invitations for after February 2018. You can contact her at lillian (at) anomalily (dot) net. 

Recent Speaking Engagements
  • June 2017Quantified Self Conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands – “What if My Life was the Economy of a Small Country?” & Beeminder user group meetup
    Indie Web Summit in Portland, Oregon – Keynote “A Brief History of my Website”
  • July 2017 Higher Education Financial Wellness Summit in Minneapolis, MN – “Using Gamification to Encourage Smart Money Habits”
  • August 2017LeakyCon in Dublin, Ireland – “Macroeconomics for Muggles: Harry Potter and the Order of Keynes” 
  • October 2017 – Camp Mustache Canada in Toronto, Ontario – “Adding Glitter to Your Financial Planning”
    Re:Conference in Salem, Oregon – “Gamification in Financial Wellness”
  • November 2017Bullish Conference in Washington, DC – “Investing Like the Badass You Are”

Lillian often speaks at national and international conferences and at smaller, local gatherings during her domestic travels. She’s always eager to meet local bike activists, zinesters, and librarians and is willing to speak in pretty much any venue. Her size:loudness ratio means she fits even in the smallest cafe with the worst acoustics.

She’ll dress up like Bowie if you ask nicely.

Check out some press clippings on her public speaking here, here, here, and here.

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A sample list of talks she’s given:

What if Ziggy Stardust was a CPA?– Ignite Portland (2016, Portland, OR)

Putting the Fun Before the Wonk: Using Bike Fun to Diversify Bike Ridership – Portland State University (2016, Portland, OR)

Cultivating the All-Powerful Bicycle Lobby: Putting the Fun Before the Wonk – National Bike Summit, Women’s Bicycling Forum (2014, Washington, DC)

Gamification in Libraries – iYouth Library Conference, University of Washington (2014, Seattle, Washington)

The Rent is Too Darn High! (Research talk on rental real estate & bikeability) – TEDx Reed Thesis Talks (2013, Portland, Oregon)

Encouraging Biking for All Ages through Friendly Competition, Towards Carfree Cities X (2011, Guadalajara, Mexico)

How to Grow a Portland-Style Bicycle Culturein the Midwest – Queen City Bikes (2010, Cincinnati, OH)

Bicycle Lessons from Portland, Oregon,  Ohio-Kentucky-India Regional Council of Governments (2007, Covington, KY)

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