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You have reached the personal website of Lillian Karabaic. Here you can find quantified self content, monthly personal financial reports, and information on booking her as a speaker.

Lillian Karabaic lives in Portland, Oregon where she fills her life making data look pretty, playing with budgets,  wonking about transportation, riding her beautiful bicycle Dora, and organizing people and things. She eats 3 tacos every morning for breakfast.

She teaches personal finance to millennials through workshops, courses, and a weekly podcast as Oh My Dollar!

Photo by Brad Reber
Photo by Brad Reber

She is the Minister for the Exterior at Beeminder. She’s also a co-founder of StreamPDX, a community podcast studio in a 1960’s Airstream trailer.


She serves on the board of the Harry Potter Alliance, an international organization that builds youth into activists through the power of fandom. From 2013-2016, she was a member of the Portland Bureau of Transportation Advisory Committee and is happy to answer your questions about massive spreadsheets of government grants.

Previously, she was the Digital Director for the Democratic Party of Oregon, Development Manager at the Community Cycling Center, database manager at Bitch Media, the Zine Librarian for the Independent Publishing Resource Center  and worked in outreach & education at the Bicycle Transportation Alliance and Oregon Walks. She served two terms in Americorps and is passionate about public service.

She knows that’s a lot of jobs to keep track of, so she made you this transit map of her career:

In 2007, she started the Bowie Vs Prince dance party bike ride. After 9 years of annual rides, it grew to include more than 1,500 people a year – and was featured in media near and far.

Bowie Vs Prince

She serves breakfast and coffee to bike commuters on the Tillikum bridge every last Friday of the month from 7AM to 9AM as part of Breakfast on the Bridges. Occasionally in superhero garb.

Superhero Breakfast On the Bridges

She has participated in three Project 365s, where she takes a self-portrait of herself every day for a year. She also took a picture of everything she bought for an entire year. While it has increased her photography skills slightly, mostly it has made her capable of making a fool of herself in public with no regrets, as seen here:
Day 231: I like this picture for so many reasons

New Camera Day!

[03/04/2017] Got the D5600 today from my local photo store. This is my first "new" camera ever (it’s recent enough there’s no used ones really available)- and my last D5000 I bought used in 2009, so I’m excited for a camera upgrade after 8 years. Technology has really improved (plus all the issues my D5000… Read more New Camera Day!