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AnomaLily lives in Portland, Oregon where she fills her life with wonking about transportation, riding her beautiful bicycle Dora, and organizing people and things. She drinks a great deal of tea and spends many nights cheering for the Portland Thorns and Timbers.

Day 251: Xtracycle Pin-up

You might know her as the short girl that spoke at the class you took to get out of a traffic ticket or taught at your workplace about bike commuting when she used to work for the Bicycle Transportation Alliance. She has also worked to improve conditions for walking in the Portland region as a part of Oregon Walks and as an bicycle & pedestrian policy intern for Congressman Earl Blumenauer.

By day, she serves as Development Manager at the Community Cycling Center, asking great humans to part with their hard-earned dollars to broaden access to bicycling.

Getting humans from point A to point B as easily, comfortably, safely, and equitably as possible is Lillian’s mission in life.
Day 183: Buses, Bahns, Bicycles, Berlin

She also serves as Zine Librarian at the  Independent Publishing Resource Center. She has a sash, so you know it’s true.

The Glamorous Life of a Zine Librarian [59/365]

She serves on the board of the Harry Potter Alliance, an international organization that builds youth into activists through the power of fandom.

She serves breakfast and coffee to bike commuters on the Hawthorne bridge every last Friday of the month from 7AM to 9AM as part of Breakfast on the Bridges. Occasionally in superhero garb.

Superhero Breakfast On the Bridges
She has participated in two Project 365s, where she takes a self-portrait of herself every day for a year. While it has increased her photography skills slightly, mostly it has made her capable of making a fool of herself in public with no regrets, as seen here:
Day 231: I like this picture for so many reasons

She also really likes train stations.

Zurich Central Train Station