New Camera Day!

[03/04/2017] Got the D5600 today from my local photo store. This is my first "new" camera ever (it’s recent enough there’s no used ones really available)- and my last D5000 I bought used in 2009, so I’m excited for a camera upgrade after 8 years. Technology has really improved (plus all the issues my D5000… Read more New Camera Day!

50 Goals for 2017

So I had a big, beautiful post written called Hustle & Grace about how this year I’m focusing on actions not outcomes. And in it, I said that instead of publishing a massive list of goals for the year like I usually do, I am focusing on things within my control rather than externally-influenced outcomes. But to… Read more 50 Goals for 2017

2016 New Year’s resolution review

I’ve been posting my new years resolutions online and then reviewing my success at the end of the year. 2016 was a giant cluster of crazy where absolutely nothing worked out the way it was planned. 2016, in a nutshell, was unpredictable: 3 totally different careers, a jump into self-employment, moving house with a week’s notice, a crazy presidential election, and, well, we’ll see how that did in the resolutions:

Day 105: Leap Up

[10/19/2016] Spent the day mostly working on the business: morning at the bank to get my business account set up (Rivermark Credit Union!) – brief interlude for coffee with Patrick downtown, and an incredibly hard lunchtime work out (it’s called Pyrolates and holy crap it was hard- I am sore in new places and I… Read more Day 105: Leap Up