Plans for today

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Quitting a job

Friends: please help me find the motivation to quit my third job. A very simple, cash-paid weekend job that mostly involves me riding my bike early in the morning. The forced exercise and side income (and bagels) is great, but the delivery time is getting shifted earlier and earlier, and now I’m going to have to… Read more Quitting a job

Ain’t No Party Like A Rooftop Party

Ain’t No Party Like A Rooftop Party 31st December, 2014 9PM to January 1st, 2015 1AM at Burnside 26 Rooftop 2625 E Burnside St, Portland, OR 97214 Get dressed up and party in the fancy rooftop room with views of Portland. We will feed you snacks. And maybe have a photobooth. There’s fire.    

Plane Ticket Win!

Spent the morning booking my tickets for my adventure in March & April. 24 days, 10 countries, 8 of which are new to me. PDX > SEA > Reykjavík > Amsterdam > Brussels (brief few-hour stopover for beer) > Berlin > Frankfurt > Prague > Zagreb > Krk > Zagreb > Budapest > Dubai >… Read more Plane Ticket Win!