Day 7: An Evening Out

[07/13/2016] Drank coffee this morning, which I try to avoid on weekdays, but I gave it a shot anyway. Turned out to be totally worth it: I had a very very productive day at work, debuting a Kanban board for tracking projects, cleaning out all my predecessor’s random junk in my office, and knocking out… Read more Day 7: An Evening Out

Evening cocktail [06/365]

[07/12/2016] Morning TRX workout followed by day of making sure designs got done, then came home to make dinner, and have a delicious cocktail with Aaron and finish the end of 30 Rock. We’re Here: Blur Baby Blur Mood: 4/6 Sleep: 8h,00m (09:46PM to 05:47AM) Miles Biked: 2.3 Miles Run: 0 Drinks of Alcohol: 3… Read more Evening cocktail [06/365]

Big News

I am excited to announce I’ve accepted a position as the Digital Director at the Democratic Party of Oregon. Leaving the Community Cycling Center, an organization whose mission, work, and staff are so dear to me was an extremely hard decision. But I know that the amazing team the Community Cycling Center will keep doing their exciting… Read more Big News