Solar eclipse!

Landed in Reyjavik and got to see the solar eclipse. Thus far, liking iceland. And now the radio is playing “Here comes the sun” because someone thinks they are clever. 


Straw poll related to my current consumer existential struggle: What’s the most you’ve ever paid for a pair of shoes? Was it worth it? And relatedly: What do you usually pay for a pair of shoes? (25$-50$, $50-100, etc) About how quickly do your shoes wear out? How many do you have?

Genius move

Guess who lost her wallet containing her passport and global entry card 4 days before plane travel and 13 days before international travel? This girl. This is going to be a fun adventure in expedited passport service.

Question for nonprofit folks!

Non-profit-y people: Does your organization count time spent preparing/cultivating grant proposals as personnel costs in fundraising, management, or programs?  If you’re a small shop: do you divide up people’s time into chunks on your balance sheets?

Consumer Paralysis

It took me >12 hours to purchase a backpack, consumed by focused research. In the end, I got a cheapo Korean backpack off Amazon prime. What am I? Who am I? And how many liters can my back hold?

Sometimes you…

Sometimes you get to spend your weekend over-caffeinatedly designing a game about a yeti trapped in an enchanted forest made of zines. And this game is for your nonprofit job.  And you realize your life is charmed.

Queerness vs Homonormativity

The basic core of Queer As Folk 14 years ago was examining queerness vs homonormativity, and now it’s even more real and important to discuss as marriage equality has ruled the public narrative for a decade.

Parental Moves

Why getting your parents to move to your city is great (if you’re me): when you’re stuck at home sick with an upper respiratory infection on a sunny day, your mom brings you delicious homemade soup.