50 Goals for 2017


So I had a big, beautiful post written called Hustle & Grace about how this year I’m focusing on actions not outcomes. And in it, I said that instead of publishing a massive list of goals for the year like I usually do, I am focusing on things within my control rather than externally-influenced outcomes. But to be totally frank, I still have a list of goals, because I’m Lillian. And I still love transparency and accountability.

And I also spilled coffee all over my computer this morning and am waiting to access the cloud backup of the Hustle & Grace blog post and to find out the fate of my computer. So, screw it. Here are some goals.


  • Have Oh My Dollar! provide half my income for the year
  • Have 1000 newsletter subscribers
  • Launch online Get Your Money Together Bootcamp
  • Write and launch workbook/book
  • Create independent artist financial survey
  • Create independent artist financial report
  • Create editorial calendar for blog & radio show
  • Give TEDx talk
  • Pitch GYMT bootcamp at local employers
  • Blog weekly
  • Get sponsor for Oh My Dollar! podcast
  • Start creating video content
  • Master facebook advertising


  • Launch referral program
  • Write new FAQ
  • Create new video content & testimonials
  • Master facebook advertising
  • Create affliate programs
  • Create monthly financial report standard
  • Double monthly revenue by end of year through expansion of user base


  • Amsterdam in June for Quantified Self conference
  • Trans-siberian railway from Moscow > Beijing
  • FinCon in Dallas, TX
  • Northeast swing for teaching classes in upstate NY & Toronto



  • Get HPA board back up to 7 members
  • Get HPA financially stable enough to bring staff back up to full-time
  • StreamPDX launch at new location


  • Continue meal planning/grocery shopping weekly
  • Workout 5 days/week
  • 100 hours of yoga
  • Accomplish splits
  • Take a dance class
  • Bench press & squat body weight (118lbs)
  • No moving 


  • Spend less than $20,000 for the year (including health insurance)
  • Save 50% of income
  • Max out Roth IRA
  • Open Solo 401K
  • Make quarterly tax payments for OMD


  • Be a good friend & daughter
  • Continue maintaining & utilizing relationships spreadsheet
  • Host awesome birthday party
  • Overhaul wardrobe

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