6 Weeks on Enbrel

It’s been 6 weeks on uber-fancy, very-expensive, self-injected, immune-suppressing drug. And it’s life-changing. I haven’t been able to write¬†more than a few sentences by hand in over 6 years- now I’m taking notes in meetings without pain (or even assistive pens). My hands look like hands again, not like inflated mickey mouse gloves. I haven’t had fatigue in a month, even though I’ve been quitting coffee! I have been taking 500mg of Aleve twice a day for nearly a decade just to *function* and I haven’t needed it most days for weeks.

I feel so privileged that thanks to Obamacare, I was able to seek and get treatment for my pre-existing condition on my newly-acquired health insurance. I feel so privileged to have health insurance that pays for this $2800/month drug. I feel so privileged to be healthy enough to take an immunosuppressant. I feel so privileged to have a city that requires sick time and allowed me to take off work to go to doctor’s appointments in the middle of the day so I could take this drug. I feel so privileged that despite years of neglect and many failed treatment plans, this one seems to be working.

So, #thanksobama Seriously, thanks.

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  • John Karabaic

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