Library Win

Managed to pick up a “lucky day” book from Hollywood Library last night – hadn’t heard of it, but love previous work by the author (Nick Hornby). Sincerely was my lucky day. Tore through 175 pages in one sitting after dinner last night.

Solo 401K’s for creative side gigs

Have you set up a Solo 401K for 1099 freelance income before? Can you please help me wrap my head around it? Do I need an EIN and a DBA? Can I buy you a coffee and you help me figure this out? On that note, sadly my 401K is going away at work and I’m…

A question

If you had enough of your own money to be secure for life but not extravagant, would you still do your job? If not, what would you do instead?

Bday Poll

Poll: For my bday, should I spend $55 on a fancy tasting dinner or on a Los Gorditos gift card so I can have a burrito weekly for 4 months?

Which blog post do you want to read?

I’ve got a backlog of blog posts in my head- which one do you want to read? POLL! Complete packing list & review (with pictures) of traveling to 10 countries over 26 days with one small backpack Travel cost report from Europe & Dubai – average cost of travel per day, most/least expensive cities, exactly how…

Do you know how to search costume jewelry?

  So, I need to find a *particular* costume choker for my Bowie Vs Prince costume, and I’m finding searching Amazon for costume jewelry really challenging. Does anyone know what search terms I should use for this choker to help narrow the field?


Can’t even count the number of times recently I’ve thought “I’m an adult on vacation and I can sleep in if I want to.”