My newest excuse

Now that marriage equality is the law in the majority of US states, my newest excuse for why I won’t marry comes from Siri: My end user agreement does not include marriage.

Nonprofit Life

Try to flirt with a girl on Dattch, end up recruiting her for my drop-in volunteer night. I don’t have work/life boundaries at all.


It’s been too long since I built a robot. Since apparently it’s against our policies to have an office-kitten I need a desk-robot. What would your ideal office robot do? Glow red/green/yellow based on inbox counts? Show fundraising goals? I need a project!

Maniac Weekend Timelapse

This is the timelapse of my screen from Maniac Weekend with Aaron Parecki and Bethany Soule (of Beeminder) , which contained 45.5 hours of work for me from 5PM Friday 10/3 until 7AM Monday 10/6.

Like this post, for science

PLEASE LIKE this post if you see it at all. This is actually a scientific test (I’m trying to figure out if pushing posts to facebook from my website is making facebook hide them.)

Wandernarbeitsfrühstück: Adulting with Brunch

Wandernarbeitsfrühstück: Adulting with Brunch 2nd November, 2014 11AM to 15:00 at Ask for location (in Kerns, Portland) The days are getting shorter, wool is being pulled off top shelves, and the season of hiding out in a cave of blankets with House of Cards marathons is approaching. Fight the winter blues & isolation while still getting…