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Poll: For my bday, should I spend $55 on a fancy tasting dinner or on a Los Gorditos gift card so I can have a burrito weekly for 4 months?

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  1. Well, possibly the fancy stands out because of the people you go with, rather than the food. In any case, “normal” food doesn’t stand out at all by definition. I didn’t actually advocate strongly for either option unless Lily strongly identifies with one over the other.

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  • I voted for burritos, but to be fair I should say that I pick fancy tasting - my goto is Natural
  • Bridgy Response
  • Fancy dinner
  • Oh here is the new fancy place I read about. But I think by tasting menu you are talking about farm spirit.
  • Fancy dinner. I agree with Matt that it'll be more memorable.
  • I do think fancy meals stand out more. I'm still talking about Ox and I went in February
  • Bridgy Response
  • If you are into fine dining, they do stand out. If you aren't then perhaps not for ya. As a foodie, I am totes into trying all the fancy places and enjoy them
  • Fancy dinner. More memorable, it'll stand out. Unless you're THAT into burritos, in which case you should go ahead and do the gift card
  • Gift card!
  • Bridgy Response

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