Black and White [02/365]

[07/08/2016] Slept in late post birthday-dinner so only went on a short run this morning with Aaron, then headed into the office for a very packed day.

Settling into my second month of my new job is marked by really realizing I need to actually spend time learning and mastering the CC versions of Adobe products. Spent a lot of time in illustrator and photoshop today and was being driven crazy at the changes for menus in CC (what my work laptop has) vs CS5.1 (what I’ve been using for years). It’s hard to devote time to it because design isn’t a core pillar of my job, but it really does end up slowing me down when I spend 5 minutes searching for the magic eraser to do a simple edit (WHY DID they move it to that bizarre bottom menu?!)

Any recommendations of places to do Adobe CC refresher courses? Luckily indesign has stayed mostly the same.

Mood: 4.5/6
Sleep: 8h,7m (10:37PM to 06:45AM)
Miles Biked: 2.3
Miles Run: 1.9
Drinks of Alcohol: 0
Drinks of Caffeine: 1
Weather: Raining

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