Bowie in the Street [67/365]

[09/11/2016] What an epic final day of the conference. To sum it up simply: a great day. Things that happened today included walking around on 5-inch platform boots all day dressed as Ziggy Stardust, seeing some truly fantastic talks, meeting amazing creators, and getting to ride around on a KARAOKE BUS singing with everyone, which means I have now sung bjork while dressed as Bowie, while going over the Willamette River. Bucket list item I didn’t know I had.

Mood: 6/6
Sleep: 7h20m (11:09PM to 06:30AM)
Miles Biked: 1.6
Miles Run: 0
Drinks of Alcohol: 3
Drinks of Caffeine: 4
Weather: Drizzling and then Hot – it was confused.

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