Day 7: An Evening Out

[07/13/2016] Drank coffee this morning, which I try to avoid on weekdays, but I gave it a shot anyway. Turned out to be totally worth it: I had a very very productive day at work, debuting a Kanban board for tracking projects, cleaning out all my predecessor’s random junk in my office, and knocking out some lingering projects.

After work, I had a "time management happy hour" with Liza, Steph, and Ashley in this delightful backyard. We talked about time management strategies for work and personal projects, and I’m very excited to start using the app Toggl to track my time on projects.

Isn’t this backyard adorable?

Flickr Monthly Scavenger Hunt: A Day Out

Mood: 6/6
Sleep: 8h,39m (09:58PM to 06:37AM)
Miles Biked: 4.5
Miles Run: 0
Drinks of Alcohol: 0
Drinks of Caffeine: 3
Weather: Delightful (75F and sunny)

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