Tune Out [7/365]

[07/14/2016] Hard day at work, still very much learning the ropes at my new job and feeling very unconfident about how to get the information I need to succeed. Definitely not pulling my weight yet and it’s not from lack of trying. The convention starts next week so there’s plenty to do until then- we’re drowning in buttons to make, in fact.

Went indoor rowing after work, and that was great. I think there’s a persistent pattern that I have worse days when I wait to work out until after work instead of before.

Fun fact: this shot is SOOC – that’s how crazy the lighting in our apartment is!

I wasn’t going to do We’re Here today but it turns out that my table is mid-century! So I’m joining. Indoor/Outdoor Atomic Beauty

Mood: 2/6
Sleep: 8h,39m (10:55PM to 06:48AM)
Miles Biked: 7.8
Miles Run: 0
Drinks of Alcohol: 0
Drinks of Caffeine: 3
Weather: Delightful (79F and sunny)

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