February Report

So, as a follow up from yesterday, here’s my February Expense Report.

So for the Febuary report

February Report

Essential Expenses (in descending order): $953.51
Rent: $615
Groceries: $161.87
Transport/Bike: $104.95 (new brake pads/cables & a new pannier)
Electricity: $34.48
Internet: $19.98
Household Goods: $17.33 (we ran out of EVERYTHING at the same time – detergent, TP)

Health Insurance: $231 

Wardrobe Redo Project: $207.18
I gave myself a $750 budget for the whole year to redo my wardrobe from scratch, this is a chunk of it getting spent.

Discretionary (in descending order): $83.76
Fitness Membership: $39.00
House Cleaner: $30
Gifts: $8.99
Spending “Fun” Money:  $5.77

Discretionary Food & Drink (in descending order): $62.85
Restaurants: $33.10
Coffee: $19.75
Bars: $10.00

Moving Expenses: $9.34 (hardware)
Charitable giving: $10.00

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