March Goals


I had a bigger, more philosophical blog post planned for today, but I got some pretty big not-good news, so I’m “phoning it in” so to speak on my weekly blog post.

It’s March 1st, and we’re officially 1/6th done with 2017. Which is terrifying, given all the things on my plate for this year. This month is a packed month.


  • Go to all these important doctor appointments (dentist, Rheumatologist, primary care) and get all the meds
  • Spend less (personally) than I earn from W2 job
  • Do taxes
  • Pay myself something from the business, even token ($100?)
  • Get bangs cut


  • Finish confirming board appointments & create on-boarding for new board members
  • Create website for & send out invitations for birthday party
  • Send out two newsletters for podcast studio
  • Donor Stewardship for Podcast Studio (handwritten notes?)


  • Weight lifting 3x week
  • Stretching 25 minutes daily
  • 10 hours of yoga
  • Weeks 3-7 of half-marathon training

Oh My Dollar!

  • Take video editing class at Open Signal
  • Finish workbook zine
  • Pitch talks at 3 conferences
  • Teach successful 4-week class series at Broadspace
  • Confirm all of midwestern tour dates and send out media kit/promo
  • Get a new camera with business $$
  • Confirm workbook illustrator
  • Finish brand refresh for business
  • Teach two successful mini-workshops (coworking space, comic book shop)
  • Teach Harry Potter class
  • Grow list to 125 subscribers
  • Create opt-in goodie
  • Weekly blog posts
  • Weekly podcast


  • File taxes
  • Create 2017 cash flow plan
  • Start documentation project
  • Start booking video campaign & writing
  • Master FB retargeting