New Camera Day!

[03/04/2017] Got the D5600 today from my local photo store. This is my first "new" camera ever (it’s recent enough there’s no used ones really available)- and my last D5000 I bought used in 2009, so I’m excited for a camera upgrade after 8 years. Technology has really improved (plus all the issues my D5000 was having in the last few years).

Anyway, I have a ton to learn about the camera but my big camera resolution: no longer am I going to treat my lenses poorly. It’s lens caps all the way, baby!

Anyway, stoked for this, and happy to have made the leap. Never easy to fork over a thousand dollars for anything, but I’m positive I won’t regret it.

Back to updating with good photos instead of the poor iPhone ones the past few days!

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