Day 105: Leap Up

[10/19/2016] Spent the day mostly working on the business: morning at the bank to get my business account set up (Rivermark Credit Union!) – brief interlude for coffee with Patrick downtown, and an incredibly hard lunchtime work out (it’s called Pyrolates and holy crap it was hard- I am sore in new places and I work out every day!)

Worked in the afternoon from a coworking space that has – get this- a HUGE photo studio wall in the back. This photo from there. Once business revenue is more predictable, I’m pretty sure I’m going to invest in a co-working space and this looks pretty attractive so I can take amazing 365 photos with this studio! (Also as a note, this photo was taken with my tiny Lumix LX7 instead of my Nikon because that’s what I had with me. Still decent!)

I watched the debate after work but I don’t even want to talk about that ><

Sleep: 8h09m (10:18AM to 06:27AM)
Miles Biked: 13.7
Miles Run: 0
Drinks of Alcohol: 3
Drinks of Caffeine: 4
Weather: 48F and spots of rain

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