2021 Goal Review: I did some stuff?

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Each year I create a list of goals and resolutions, and I publish them here to keep me accountable. I’ve learned it doesn’t actually matter if other people read the posts, just *me knowing* that I’ve publicly stated my goals and will review them at the end of the year helps keep me accountable. You can read last year’s goals here and find out how I did here. 

After the hard year of 2020, I wasn’t as ambitious with my 2021 goals, but I didn’t necessarily hit everything I wanted to do.  The year was mostly just the monotony of working a full-time day job (not making content) and trying not to catch covid.

So…here’s how I did on my 2021 goals.

Apply for Croatian Citizenship

I applied in-person at the Croatian consulate in June 2021!

Save 50% of my take-home income

I did it! I actually saved 49.97% of my gross income, and ~61% of my post-tax income.

Don’t get COVID

We’ll see how long this lasts with Omicron up and at em.

Continue > 180 minutes of moderate to hard cardio each week

Yes! running, biking, home workouts, and skating!

Teach 6 workshops with low-income young adults through Pay It Furward

I actually taught 17 workshops!

Weekly livestreams

GOING strong! 

Keep sleeping an average of 7-8 hrs a night

My 2021 average was 8 hours, 2 minutes per night.

Increase exclusive perks for the Purrsonal Finance Society

I did this with more integrations and with Floof of the Week, but I have more ideas for 2022.

Keep health insurance all year

I did it! I did it!

Breakfast on the Bridges volunteering when safe again

I ran #BYOBONB all summer and we *finally* came back for our first in-person BONB in December.

Depends on your Interpretation

26 OMD Episodes

My contract renewal had issues with my podcast network, and then I had technical issues with the podcast I didn’t resolve. So I made 22 radio episodes and did not release them on the podcast feed.

OMD Forums Ad Revenue

“Start generating ad revenue from OMD forums in a way that is consistent with the values of the community” – I really did try, but we had technical reasons why this didn’t work that will be known as the “Great 2021 OMD Adpocolypse”  But I tried! I really did!

Publish a 2020 Annual Report by January 31st

It wasn’t the beautiful annual report of my dreams, but I did do this one.

Keep publishing monthly reports

I stopped doing them monthly and switched to quarterly. Back to monthly this year.

1 page of journaling per day in my Mark’s Edit Daily Journal

I switched to my hobonichi halfway through the year and it mostly wasn’t “journaling”.

noApply to graduate school

I actually got the application done, but decided to not apply because I decide

noMove (Lease is up in July 2021!)

Ended up renewing our lease because the house project was not done, and I didn’t move abroad to graduate school.

no12 youtube videos

Lol nope.

no Get Patreon to $1000/month by August 2021

I maintained by patreons but I did not work on increasing them.

no Twice a month newsletters to my email list

I sent three emails all year.

no Net Zero Clothing Spending

Lol nope.

no Keep Meal Prepping

It was going well until about June, and then I got sick of my meal prep foods and fell off the wagon.

no Hire an editor!

I didn’t feel OMD had the income to support an editor at the pay amount I felt I should fairly pay, so I did not do this.


Overall Verdict: B-

Honestly I really flopped on a few content goals, but I did great on financial goals and some of the bigger goals.

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