2016 Goals

  For the past several years, I’ve been posting my new years resolutions online and then at the end of year, reviewing my success. So here’s 2016’s goals, which are ambitious. Projects Complete my Duolingo Tree for German – I am currently 50% done with my Duolingo tree. Teach 2 personal finance classes – In 2015 I… Read more 2016 Goals

Every single whiskey I bought in 2015

Everyone else is posting their year-in-reviews so I thought I’d start with the most important one. This is a photo of every single whiskey and whiskey-based cocktail I purchased in the year 2015. I purchased these in 5 US States and DC, 7 countries, one ship, and 6 airplanes. Also on:Facebook Twitter

Jumping off the side-hustle treadmill: harder than I thought

For most of the last decade, I’ve had at least 3, if not 5, jobs simultaneously. From a side gig delivering bagels at 6AM, to building nonprofit databases, to parking bikes under an aerial tram in the freezing cold at before the sun comes up, I don’t feel useful unless I’m always working. Having multiple hustles… Read more Jumping off the side-hustle treadmill: harder than I thought

Birthday Statistics

These statistics are pulled from data reported from the period 7/7/2014 to 7/7/2015. Lillian got another year older and made this for you. This is the 8th year Lillian has published personal statistics.   Also on: