2016 New Year’s resolution review

I’ve been posting my new years resolutions online and then reviewing my success at the end of the year. 2016 was a giant cluster of crazy where absolutely nothing worked out the way it was planned. 2016, in a nutshell, was unpredictable: 3 totally different careers, a jump into self-employment, moving house with a week's notice, a crazy presidential election, and, well, we'll see how that did in the resolutions:

2015 New Years Resolutions review

I set 15 resolutions for 2015. How did I do? (For each resolution that has a beeminder graph, I've linked the the graph with a bee icon).      Buy Focal: radical budget documentation  - taking a photograph of every single purchase for an entire year. Success! I did that thing. You can view it here. I…

Birthday Statistics

These statistics are pulled from data reported from the period 7/7/2014 to 7/7/2015. Lillian got another year older and made this for you. This is the 8th year Lillian has published personal statistics.  


This page contains way more numerical data about my life than you probably care about. The datasets for Mood, Caffeine, Alcohol, Miles Biked, and Coffee are updated ad-hoc. The datasets for Beeminder are updated daily, or more often. These are not that pretty. If you'd like to see the data parsed, examined, and presented in…